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Educational Software

WideOpenDoors regurlarly reviews educational software. Below are some of our top reccomendations. If you would like to request that we review a particular software title, please e-mail us at

Organization Software

One powerful way for schools to use software is to take advantage of the open source software provided by SchoolTools (

The best organization software we've seen in a long time is a product called GoBinder by Agilix Labs. Not only is it a great product, but it is also FREE to educators.

Video Editing Software

  • iMovie
  • HyperEngine AV - This is a free download for video editing software. The learning curve is steep, but it has a lot of functionality (Download Hyper-Engine AV)

DVD Creation Software

  • iDvd
  • DVD Studio Pro
  • Toast

Antivirus Software

Pocket PC Software

Discount Software

Six Myths about Using Computers with Children


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